Beyond the Mists Published 7 months ago

Hello Adventurers!

Mistblade launch is now behind us so we’d like to share our thoughts on it! We’re delighted to say Mistblade has peaked at over 5000 players! The numbers surpassed our expectations and we’re very happy that despite so many players, the launch went very smoothly. We can’t wait for players to finish the leveling phase and move on to the wonderful end-game content the expansion has to offer.

There’s a fair bit of concern regarding the faction balance - we were analysing potential solutions before launch but it’s a difficult decision to make and there isn’t a clear and obvious option without any downsides so we couldn’t reach a clear consensus as to what would be the best approach then. The current Alliance numbers are below what we anticipated and are willing to accept, so we want to act fast and are planning to add the following perks for Alliance to entice players to pick that faction and we hope to have them implemented with the next day or two:

  • Free Transfers from Horde to Alliance
  • x2 Profession Gain Rates
  • x2 Reputation Gain Rates
  • 50% increased Justice Point gains
  • 10% increased Valor Point gains
  • Higher (1100) Weekly Valor cap
  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds
  • Crossfaction LFR

We hope that these changes will help encourage players to choose Alliance and make the Alliance experience more enjoyable. We will continue to monitor the balance ratio closely and intervene further if needed.

The official Mistblade Store is now open as well! If you like what we’re doing and you’d like to support us and help us continue doing what we do while getting yourself some unique and fun items, head to the store and make a donation. Since the leveling realm firsts have all been claimed, experience boosts will be available very soon as well. We greatly appreciate your support!

Stormforge Team