Fordring Tier 7 and Season 5 release Published 5 months ago

Greetings, Adventurers!

We'd like to remind everyone that Tier 7 and Arena Season 5 will officially launch on Wednesday, 15th of June.

The gates of Vault of Archavon, Obsidian Sanctum and PvP Arenas around Azeroth will open at 18:00 CEST while Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity will become available an hour later, at 19:00 CEST.

We wish everyone good luck in the battles ahead!

Many of you have asked about additional Quality of Life features.

  • We're happy with how Racial Swap feature has worked out so far, as faction balance is around 50/50, which is as good as it gets.
  • We've just implemented and enabled Crossfaction Dungeon Finder, which we hinted at before launch, and we're also working on Crossfaction Battlegrounds – we're hoping to have them available for testing soon.

We are also open to further additions (such as Crossfaction Auction House) if they are desired by the players. On the dev front, we're constantly working on improving the server and correcting various issues you report. You can follow the progress by checking #changelog_wotlk channel on our Discord!

And lastly, we'd also like to give some plaudits to players who achieved Realm First glory in various areas of the game:

Realm firsts

Northrend VanguardDopp Realm First! 80Dopp

Realm firsts by class/race

Death Knight Dopp Blood Elf Smokey
Druid Lmdnirnaeth Draenei Emphy
Mage Zalup Forsaken Parsegodx
Priest Fatwife Night Elf Lmdnirnaeth
Paladin Smokey Gnome Jeffthuk
Rogue Uki Human Obi
Hunter Hollow Dwarf Fatwife
Shaman Seff Orc Dopp
Warrior Fuzdknight Tauren Impakt
Warlock Parsegodx Troll Zalup

Realm firsts Grand master

Fishing Dark Cooking Dark
Mining Dopp Enchanting Windstrom
Skinning Mordred First Aid Dopp
Engineering Dopp Inscription Emphy
Leatherworking Realcamacho Tailoring Lightskeeper
Blacksmithing Mackmagic Alchemy Ameliandra
Jewelcrafting Naz