Karazhan Transfers & the first Mistblade Tournament Published 5 months ago

Greetings, adventurers of Northrend and Pandaria! We have several exciting announcements for you today!


Few years ago, under the name Atlantiss, we launched the TBC server - Netherwing. We also launched Karazhan, eventually allowing transfers from Netherwing, to give us more time to develop WotLK. Finally, transfers are available from Karazhan to our WotLK server Fordring!

First, you will need to merge your Atlantiss and Stormforge accounts:

  • Login on Atlantiss.org, head over to https://atlantiss.org/account#general where you will find your security token.
  • Login on Stormforge.gg, head over to https://stormforge.gg/account-merge and enter your security token. This will result in merging of your Atlantiss and Stormforge accounts. THIS PROCESS CANNOT BE REVERSED OR ALTERED ONCE IT'S COMPLETED.
  • After successfully merging the accounts, you will see a list of characters that can be transferred.

NOTE: There is a restriction of 1000 gold transferred per account. Characters were already snapshotted some time ago. Making changes to them on Karazhan now will not reflect in the transferred characters. Additionally, this transfer is more of a "copy"... your characters will remain on Karazhan as well, if that is of interest to you.

We hope you packed warm clothes!


We're happy to announce more details regarding Tournament that we will be hosting during the current season!

⚔️ On Saturday, July 23rd, the preliminary rounds will take place. The top two teams will battle for First and Second Place in the final round on Saturday, July 30th.

Additionally, those who did not make First and Second Place will be able to fight for the Third Place prize. Each match will be decided Best-Of-3-Games. Whichever team wins twice out of two or 3 games will be considered the winner of the match.

⚔️ Teams may consist of a maximum of 4 players. Each team will be allowed to swap which 3 of their 4 players will play after each game. Class and spec will not be changeable once the tournament begins.

To prepare your characters, the special Tournament Server will be live 24 hours before each Tournament day. These special servers will have all necessary vendors, including gear corresponding with the current Arena Season 13. Prizes will include Stormforge Coins, Mounts, and Pets for the top three teams. Every participating team will receive a small amount of coins as well! These details will be announced as we get closer to the start of the tournament.

And finally, this tournament will be ENTIRELY LIVE STREAMED ON TWITCH, WITH COMMENTARY! We'll be streaming from this channel: http://twitch.tv/crysis_stormforge

To sign up, message Crysis directly on Discord with the names and Discord tags of the players you wish to have on your team. Twitch