Into the Mists Published 7 months ago

We have answered the call of thousands of players hungry for a fresh MoP experience, and here we are. After months of hard work we finally present you Mistblade - a progressive Mists of Pandaria realm, operating on the 5.4.8 game client.

You have a chance to experience everything that Pandaria has to offer, starting from 5.0 content with PvP ruleset. It is for players to decide how quickly to progress - default XP rates are set to x3 with the possibility to reduce them to X2 or X1.

No matter what aspect of the game is your favourite - on Mistblade you'll find anything you like, starting with scripted dungeons, raids, scenarios all the way to polished battlegrounds, arenas, brawls and more! We keep improving and developing our core to eliminate any bug that could possibly appear in our content.

And what if you do not know what to do? We have gathered and trained several dedicated people, willing to help us in our server's development, and with them we established a solid, experienced Support Team. They will be there for you 24/7 to assist with any potential issues.

So gather your friends, prepare some snacks, read our How to connect guide and start your epic journey now!