How to Connect Having trouble connecting? Read the guide below to quickly jump in to the fight!
01 Create a Stormforge account First, you have to create your Stormforge account. You can do that by clicking the button below.
02 Confirm your e-mail address To complete the registration process, you need to confirm your e-mail address. Go to your inbox and find the e-mail with the activation link! Resend verification code
03 Download game client You need to download the game client. Next, unpack the files using WinRAR or similar software. Once that's done you can, launch the game by clicking on the WoW icon! If you already have the game, skip to point 4.
Mists of Pandaria Required 5.4.8 version of the game client to play on Mistblade realm. Client supports many languages. Instruction in readme file.
04 Change your wtf/ file Go to your game directory and open "" file using a text editor, such as notepad. Change line which contains the realmlist to: “set realmlist” and save the file. If you encounter a problem with saving it, make sure the realmlist file is NOT set to Read Only (right click on the file, select Properties and untick "Read Only" checkbox). set realmlist ""