Next Chapter Announcement Published 2 months ago

We're happy to finally unveil the next official chapter of Stormforge - a fresh Wrath of the Lich King realm coming on the 3rd of June! Gather your friends, join our discord and prepare for this amazing adventure!

When will the WotLK realm release?

3rd of June, 2022.

Why should I choose Stormforge WotLK?

Our Wrath of the Lich King realm is the next chapter in the Stormforge story. We’ve put a tremendous amount of work into it and we hope to provide a new level of experience for this expansion.

What type of realm is it?

PvP. You may kill the opposite faction's members at the first sign of their presence.

What are the experience, profession, reputation, currency, etc. rates?

Experience rates are currently envisioned to be x5 until level 68 and x3 afterwards until level 80, but are still subject to change and we would love to hear players’ feedback about them. Additional experience boosts and other measures will, as usual, become available after all leveling-related realm firsts have been achieved. Every player will also be able to lower their own experience rates, even down to x1 if they so desire.

We’re also planning to increase profession skill-up rates to approximately x3 rates for skill levels 1-375 (Vanilla + TBC).

Additionally, we’re looking into enabling party-shared quest drops and auto-learning spells to smoothen out the Vanilla and TBC leveling, which many players have already gone through too many times.

Will there be any cross-faction features?

The only cross-faction feature we are currently considering is cross-faction Dungeon Finder in order to increase the number of viable groups, especially during leveling. Other than that, we’re not looking into enabling any other cross-faction functionalities at the moment, but we’re always open to ideas and feedback.

On what patch will the WotLK server be running?

The game client and player classes are based on the 3.3.5a patch, with some exceptions mainly regarding PvP mechanics. The in-game content is progression based starting from what was available during the initial 3.0.3 patch.

Which game client should I use? A download link will be available later.

Where can I see the progression timeline?

WotLK timeline will be adjusted dynamically to match players’ progression to ensure that there’s a healthy balance between getting to enjoy each content patch while also not letting it get stale and boring.

Will Dungeon Finder be available?

Yes, Dungeon Finder will be available for both leveling dungeons as well as max level normal and heroic instances. Its rewards and functionality will be adjusted to match reward progression of the early patches.

Will the PvE content have increased difficulty?

PvE content will have its difficulty adjusted to ensure it’s not a complete walkover and can provide some challenge to players but without making it annoyingly oppressive and unfun.

Will there be any faction balance measures?

The details are not finalized yet, but we intend to provide perks to encourage players to pick the usually less numerous faction. We encourage everyone to come discuss it and provide feedback and ideas of what they would like to see on our discord.