Netherwing now supports the WotLK Client! Published 1 month ago

Our Team spent the last two weeks working day and night on something astonishing. You can now play on Netherwing using a 3.3.5a WotLK client. Yes, you’re reading this right - you can use your WotLK client with your favorite addons to play TBC on Stormforge or you can keep playing on a 2.4.3 client if you prefer. The choice is yours, both clients work!

The WotLK client is significantly better performance and stability-wise, not to mention some graphical improvements and properly implemented features such as Dual-Spec, which was a bit of a headache to get working on the TBC client. We do realize that the classic client support gets talked about a bit and it’s still in our long-term plans to have it implemented, but for the time being, we decided to add support for a popular and well-known, and liked 3.3.5a client a lot of people use and like.


Here’s a breakdown of changes and features implemented if you decide to use the WotLK client:

  • All TBC spells and talents have been backported.
  • For Hunters specifically, Beast Training window and Loyalty display have been fully added as they are normally gone in WotLK.
  • Several WotLK-only features like Death Knights or Dungeon Finder have been removed or hidden. There are no plans for the Dungeon Finder to be implemented in any capacity for the time being…
  • … but Achievements are in! It’s too cool of a feature to pass on. If you decide to use the WotLK client you can earn achievements for various activities in the game. We’ve hidden all WoTLK-only ones and updated several to fit into TBC and be achievable.
  • Dual Spec is fully implemented and works exactly like it does in WotLK. No need to use the command or click your portrait option anymore.
  • Equipment Sets have been implemented, you can now save and load your gear sets.
  • Queuing from Battleground UI works, no need to use the .join commands for it anymore (sadly WotLK client has a hardcoded limit of up to 2 queues at a time, down from 3 in TBC)
  • Built-in Quest Helper Map POI feature is implemented.
  • Talent Preview functionality is implemented.
  • Calendar functionality is implemented. -WotLK-specific new Auction UI functionalities are implemented.
  • Instance Lock warning when zoning in onto an ongoing Raid ID is implemented.


The most important thing for us was accessibility. Though the 3.3.5a client is superior in many ways already mentioned, we know there are quite a few people who do not like the idea of downloading custom patches, or simply enjoy playing on the current 2.4.3 client they are used to. That’s why it was essential for us not to alienate those players and force the new client upon them. It required an insane amount of work to allow both clients to work simultaneously, as you might imagine, but it’s an important update that will improve the experience for many people.

If you’d like to adjust your 3.3.5a WotLK client to be able to play on Netherwing, you’ll need to download either a full pre-patched client or a patch for your existing one (MPQ + .exe):