Patch 5.3 on Mistblade 2! Published 1 month ago

Greetings, Adventurers.

Conflict in Pandaria between the Horde and the Alliance escalates even further! Darkspear's Rebellion against Hellscream’s tyranny leads to liberating Echo Isles and capturing Razor Hill, cutting off roads to Northern Barrens. Vol’jin allied with the Alliance to lay siege to Orgrimmar itself and to challenge Garrosh’s reign.

Patch 5.3 content is going live on Mistblade Season 2 on June 5th at 6:00 PM Server Time. This fourth phase of content brings new challenges and old dearly missed features:

The Upgrade Vendors

Never underestimate the other ethereal's greed, that’s what these mysterious void travelers say. After a long disappearance, The Voidbinders emerged from the Void once again,and made their return to capital cities and shrines, offering mighty upgrades for adventurers' equipment.

New Scenarios

  • Battle on the High Seas;
  • Blood in the Snow;
  • Dark Heart of Pandaria;
  • The Secrets of Ragefire.

Additionally, 5.3 patch presents more challenging Heroic versions of Scenarios with more attractive rewards.

New Brawler's Guild encounters

Two new tiers of bosses are waiting for challengers in Bizmo's Brawl Pub in Stormwind or Brawl'gar Arena in Orgrimmar. Test your might in the Brawl - defeat your foes or fall trying.


Legendary Quest follow-up

Rendezvous with Wrathion and visit the four corners of Pandaria in order to talk to the August Celestials. Take another step in the search for your legendary equipment.


PvE changes

With the most recent reset, we increased the chance for items to drop from bonus rolls in Throne of Thunder raid (all difficulties). This change should be a visible improvement to the current state, accelerating your gearing process.

But that’s not all! The 5.3 content patch is a specific update that should introduce The Barrens events, offering additional ways to quickly gear up your characters before the Siege of Orgrimmar. While we are not able to implement it due to a lack of sources, we want to compensate for it by adding a special, unique vendor, offering you various items. Normally, Latent Kor’kron items should be dropped from Kor’kron Motivator, and then combined with Radical Mojo to create 489 ilvl upgradable items. An NPC named Ravika will be placed in Shrines to assist you with that.

Additionally, most of ToT heroic encounters will experience serious nerfs in upcoming weeks.


On top of that, you still have an opportunity to receive a free, optional character exchange transfer from Mistblade Season 1 to Mistblade Season 2 realm. If you have at least one maximum level (90) character on the Season 1 realm, you can exchange it for a level 90 character with equipment from boost service (486 item level), or choose an option to buy a Character Boost at a 50% discount, which will keep your Season 1 character. You can begin the exchange on our main site.

Stay vigilant, heroes. Get your friends, gear up, and prepare yourselves, because the Escalation is the last step before the great finale - Siege of Orgrimmar is getting closer.

Enjoy the new content on Mistblade!