Netherwing PvP Changes Published 1 year ago

With Netherwing getting closer to release, we want to inform you about the following changes that will be introduced for the PvP aspect of the game.

  • Base Honor gained is increased by 50% (1.5x), on the weekends by 100% (2x) (except Alterac Valley), and by 150% (2.5x) for the current ongoing holiday battleground.
  • Alterac Valley is removed from the holiday battleground rotation (with its Call to Arms quest)
  • Call to Arms quests will now reward 3 Marks of Honor for the specific Battleground.
  • Mark exchange quest available at Alliance Brigadier General and Horde Warbringer will now give 9 Alterac Valley Marks of Honor.
  • Warsong Gulch maximum duration time reduced to 20 minutes.
  • Diminishing Returns will stay the same as they were in the original and Classic TBC realms.

We are going to introduce the following new quests available at Alliance Brigadier General and Horde Warbringer in place of previous ones allowing you to exchange Marks of Honor and gain additional Honor Points (multiplied by 150%) for simple tasks.

Quest nameTypeRequirementsReward

Invaders of Alterac Valley (H)

Remember Alterac Valley! (A)

Repeatable 1x [Alterac Valley Marks of Honor] ~85 Honor Points

Conquering Arathi Basin (H)

Claiming Arathi Basin (A)

Repeatable 1x [Arathi Basin Mark of Honor] ~85 Honor Points

Battle for Warsong Gulch (H)

Fight for Warsong Gulch (A)

Repeatable 1x [Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor] ~85 Honor Points
Storming Eye of the Storm
(H / A)
Repeatable 1x [Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor] ~85 Honor Points
Arena Calls! Daily Win 3 Rated Arena Matches

30 Arena Points

147 Honor Points

A Call to Battle Daily Play 5 Battleground matches

10 Arena Points

460 Honor Points

We’ve also added “.join” command allowing you to join battlegrounds and arena (.join arena) from anywhere, so you can do other things in the game while waiting in the queue.

We are going to additionally introduce these features:

  • Arena Queue Announcer for members of Arena Team that can be enabled and disabled with a command. (Default: Enabled).
  • Battleground Announcer shows a message in the chat whenever Battleground starts. You will be able to disable and enable it with a command in game. (Default: Enabled).
  • Shattrath Arena Battlemaster will be moved to a more neutral place under the tent in the Lower City of Shattrath City.

Further steps will be taken in order to actively combat people that do not participate in battlegrounds. We strongly recommend you use the built-in feature to report a player by right-clicking on his character portrait.


We’ve significantly reduced the cost of creating an Arena Team for each bracket, making it cheaper to get into.

The first Arena Season will start when at least 50 Arena Teams will be made and will start from the next arena flush on Wednesday and the following changes will come to life:

  • Two Arena Flushes per week on Sunday and Wednesday, 4:00 AM GMT+0.
  • 5v5 will be open to register teams, play and earn Personal and Team Rating, but will not count towards Arena Season rewards (titles and mounts).
  • Weekly 2v2 Arena Flush will give points for old 3v3 Weekly Arena Flush (example: 302 Arena Points at 1500).
  • Weekly 3v3 Arena Flush will give points for 5v5 Weekly Arena Flush (example: 344 Arena Points at 1500).
  • Weekly 5v5 Arena Flush will give decreased points (example: 167 Arena Points at 1500)
  • Team and Personal Rating above 2000 will decay by 25 every flush if the team or a player has not met the criteria of weekly games played to receive Arena Points.

After each Arena Season ends, a so-called "off-season" will be live, it will last for a week after each Season. During the off-season, you will be able to get Personal and Team Rating, and also Arena Points which can be used to buy PvP gear from the recent season. After the new season begins, Arena Points will be removed from all characters and the amount of Honor Points will be somewhat decreased.


Gladiator's Salvation/Kodohide/Wyrmhide/Dragonhide and other armor sets will be available from the beginning and their stats will be adjusted for the current patch as all items with Bonus Healing won't give additional Bonus Spell Damage. The arena vendor will also display only items that your class can use.

For the first Arena Season, arena gear will no longer require Arena Rating to purchase, except for weapons that require a rating of 1850 to purchase. On top of that, you will be able to purchase arena Gloves, Librams, Idols, and Totems for Honor Points and Marks of Honor instead of Arena Points.

PvP Gems are now being sold by Master Sergeant Biggins and Brave Stonehide for Honor Points.

If you feel like we can make some other improvements or adjustments, please do not hesitate to contact us via email [email protected] or by Discord: tsu#3252