Netherwing - Minding the Gap Published 3 months ago

After closely observing how a longer Arena Season impacts gear differences between players, we’ve decided to make it easier for people to catch up by discounting and changing some PvP gear requirements.

The rating requirements have been removed from all Season 3 off-pieces (Vindicator’s), and old season off-pieces (Veteran’s) are no longer available for sale. Vindicator’s items are sold by Doris Volanthius (Horde) and Lieutenant Tristia (Alliance) in their respective capital cities.

The current pricing for Arena Season 2 (Merciless Gladiator's) gear is so insignificant compared to the power gain from the current season gear that it's not worth buying. Therefore, we have decided to discount the Merciless Gladiator's gear and weapons by approximately 50%, except for off-hands and thrown items, whose prices will remain the same.

Old Gladiator’s Totem, Librams, and Idols have been removed from vendors. However, Arena Season 3 Totem, Librams, and Idols are available for purchase from Leeni “Smiley” Small in Area 52 for 12750 Honor Points.

All changes above will be going live at 4 PM CET on February 16th.

Starting March 20th, the rating requirements on Season 3 item set pieces and weapons will be gradually removed or reduced every second week. The order of reduction is as follows: legs, chest, head, and lastly weapons (which will only require an 1850 rating instead of 2050).