The Thunder King is coming! - Mistblade Season 2 Published 4 months ago

We are happy to announce that Patch 5.2 “The Thunder King” will be released on the Mistblade 2 realm on the 27th of March. As the Mogu threat rises, a new Pandaren military is formed. Join them to repel Mogu armies and defeat the Thunder King on the Isle of Thunder.

On the day of the content patch release players will be able to progress through the Isle of Thunder, setting up their foothold on the island and facing Lei Shen, the Thunder King on Normal difficulty. For everyone eager to uncover histories buried deep in the ground, a new Mantid Archeology will be available to pursue and a whole new Isle of Giants secrets to discover and defeat Oondasta - a new World Boss.

With the start of Patch 5.2, the Gear Upgrade NPC will take a short break to resupply his ethereal magic dust stocks. You should expect him to come back in Patch 5.3.

Players will keep all their Justice and Valor Points throughout the content patch cycles.

Players supporting the War Effort against the Mogu on the Isle of Thunder will unlock various rewards aiding them in future battles. After the Isle of Thunder has been conquered, the gate guardian of the Thunder King's citadel will appear: Nalak, the Storm Lord. The War Effort stages are not planned and are based only on players’ combined effort.

Below you can see the detailed Patch 5.2 content release schedule.

March 27th - Patch Release

  • Raid-Normal: Throne of Thunder
  • New Area: Isle of Thunder
  • New Area: Isle of Giants
  • Mantid archaeology
  • Arena Season 12 finale
  • Legendary Quest Follow-u

April 3rd

  • Raid-Heroic: Throne of Thunder
  • Raid-Finder: Last Stand of the Zandalari
  • Season 13 Start

April 10rd

  • Raid-Finder: Forgotten Depths

April 17rd

  • Raid-Finder:Halls of Flesh-Shaping

April 24rd

  • Raid-Finder: Pinnacle of Storms

Throne of Thunder

We’ve noticed that the current heroic raid difficulty did not threaten the players much. While small changes were made to the Sha of Fear in the Terrace of the Endless Spring, we think the content was trivialized and defeated the purpose of a combined raid effort to overcome the challenge while keeping players invested at the same time. Players should expect a slightly increased difficulty in 10M and 25M Heroic modes.

Every challenge comes with a reward, that’s why Clutch of Ji-Kun mount will now additionally have increased drop chance from Heroic Lei Shen (until the next raid content), 50% for 10M and 2 guaranteed drops for 25M version of the raid. The drop rate of the mount on the normal version will not be changed until 5.4 content patch. You should expect the same scenario to happen in the future raid content.

With the introduction of the Throne of Thunder raid, a new bonus roll currency in the form of Mogu Runes of Fate is added that will replace Elder Charms of Good Fortune; you will still be able to purchase Elder Charms from Commander Lo Ping in Townlog Steppes at the cost of 30 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

End of Arena Season 12

The content patch release day will also mark the end of the 12th Arena Season and the distribution of all rewards for the Season. The rewards will be announced shortly before Season finale.

With the start of a new season, all accumulated Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points. Please note that, if you are capped on Honor Points during the conversion you will receive the appropriate amount of gold instead.

New Arena Season 13 will start on the 3rd of April, 2024, along with new items to purchase for Honor and Conquest points, a better version of Crafted Honor gear pieces will be added and available to craft and trade for players. On top of that, we’ve decided to permanently close the 3v3 SoloQue bracket as it was not popular among our players compared to the normal 3v3 arena. We’ll decide if we want to replace it with something else entirely.

We are currently working on an event encouraging players to participate in PvP games more actively and results will be published as soon as details are prepared.

New players and alt-friendliness

With an increasing number of new players and people willing to invest time into new characters, there are a few changes the upcoming patch will bring. On top of the new way to gain Elder Charms of Good Fortune, the amount of Justice Points gained will be increased by 50%.

Our Team’s attention has been brought to the fact that many Mistblade players did not start their adventure on Season 2. Their characters are stuck on our first MoP realm, therefore we do think of an option to allow our veterans to start on Mistblade S2 and catch up with the rest of its players. More details in this regard shall be announced in the right time.

We would like to remind you that, we are always open to listening to your opinions and suggestions, please feel free to post anything on our forum here: