1. The Administration reserves the right to modify the rules at any given time. Users disagreeing with any change may ask for their account to be suspended or removed.
  2. The e-mail address used during the account registration process is bound to it permanently and cannot be changed. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure it's always active, accessible and secure.
  3. Registering an account and playing on the server is free of charge.
  4. Any appeals and objections concerning punishments and decisions made by Staff Members must be reported directly to the Administration via an email to [email protected] within 14 days from their enforcement. Decisions made by the Administration are considered final and will not be revised unless new information/evidence is provided.
  5. An Administrator may overturn a decision or a punishment dispensed by other Staff Members at any given time.
  6. Any action considered malicious, harmful or immoral may be subjected to punishments even if not explicitly stated in the rules. Such situations will be treated individually.
  7. Stormforge Staff takes no responsibility for the loss of accounts, characters or any in-game goods. It is in the users’ best interest to ensure safety of their data by taking security precautions (such as using a strong password or 2-Factor Authentication) and not sharing their account information with anyone.
  8. If any individual rule is found to be void, all the other rules still stand.
  1. English is the official language of Stormforge, including all in-game, public channels and related community platforms. Using any other language can lead to message removal and potentially suspensions/mutes/timeouts.
  2. All users are required to treat other members of the community with respect. Posting content or messages which, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Stormforge Team, are deemed to be offensive, unlawful, excessively harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or discriminating in any way are strictly forbidden. Any attempts to circumvent this rule may be punished as well. We encourage users to be friendly towards both Staff and each other.
  3. Spam or any forms of abusive, unwanted, excessive messaging is forbidden.
  4. Sending meaningless chains of characters, or causing unnecessary load on the servers with excessively long or frequent messages is forbidden.
  5. Advertising of any non-game services/goods is forbidden unless given exclusive permission from the Staff.
  6. Advertising other WoW servers is forbidden.
  7. Promoting gambling, substance abuse or any illegal activities is forbidden.
  8. Using offensive character, pet, guild and other names is not allowed and will result in renames and possibly suspensions.
  9. It is forbidden to share any personal information, even if it’s related to the user themselves.
  10. It is forbidden to ask other users for their account information (e.g. password).
  11. It is forbidden to post or advertise content related to cheating, illegitimate advantages or forbidden software.
  12. It is forbidden to disturb others or make it impossible to use the chat (e.g. chat flood).
  13. Impersonating members of the Staff or people in a close relationship with them is not allowed and will be punished very harshly. It is forbidden to misuse their names, post unverifiable references to them, or threaten another player with sanctions for their rule breaking behavior, perceived or real.
  14. Stormforge Staff is made of volunteers who devote their free time to improving and managing the server. Insulting or disrespecting them will be punished very harshly. Additionally, accusing members of the Staff of any corruption, collusion or other bias towards a group of players without presenting any evidence will be considered disrespectful and treated accordingly.
  15. It is forbidden for users to access any information they don’t have the right to. Accessing any posted content is only allowed in ways that won’t interfere with the intended user experience of others. Sending or posting content that would harm others' software or hardware is also forbidden.
  16. Playing on Stormforge realms is a privilege. Any out of place comments or insults regarding the state of the server or attempts to lessen the fun of other players may be punished.
  17. The project relies on retaining and reaching new players. Any attempts at interfering with advertising efforts, posting misinformation or intentionally portraying the project in a bad light are not allowed.
  1. Using 3rd party programs (hacks, cheats, bots, other forms of automated software etc.) to automate gameplay or to gain an unfair advantage over players in any manner.
  2. Using non-approved client modifications, overwriting, modifying or changing any game content in a way that would disturb its correct operation.
  3. Corpse camping in PvP areas and repeatedly killing important opposite faction npcs are allowed, provided it is not done in a very prolonged manner with the sole intention of interrupting other players’ experience.
  4. Players are allowed to be logged in on more than one character, depending on realm:

    • Maximum 3 toons on Netherwing (TBC);
    • Maximum 5 toons on Mistblade (MoP).

    Multiboxing is allowed without using any kind of key broadcasting software, solely for the purposes of solo content. It is forbidden in every other situation which would require multiple players working together, unless every other player confirms that they’re in knowledge, and accepting of their co-players' intentions. In PvP environments it is forbidden without exceptions.
  5. Attempting to persuade or coerce a Staff Member to give the user preferential treatment, or provide them with unfair advantages over other players, through bribery, threats, or any other illicit methods, or perceived familiarity. Staff Members are expected to remain impartial to users, even ones they DO know in their personal lives.
  6. Attempting to intentionally deceive Staff Members.
  7. Selling/buying/trading characters, gold, items, boosting services, etc. for money/goods/services or goods either outside of the game or in another virtual environment.
  8. Advertising other servers or services, including party, whisper and guild chats. Intentionally directing players to places where such content may be found is strictly forbidden as well.
  9. Abusing terrain geometry or other ways to avoid getting attacked by guards in neutral towns (safespotting) after attacking other players.
  10. Exploiting any bugs in the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players, or to unfairly hinder other players’ gameplay.
  11. Advertising, offering or participating in any kind of gambling or other forms of games of chance.
  12. Undermining, hindering, or disturbing players’ game experience in any way not fitting the game.
  13. Selling or exchanging invitations to other services.
  14. Advertising services or projects unrelated to Stormforge (e.g. other servers).
  15. Hindering group cooperation in player co-op environments, actively preventing the group in achieving its gameplay goal, or willingly assisting the opponent team in PvP scenarios.
  16. Scamming or intentionally taking advantage of other players in trade situations (e.g. semi-completed transactions, withdrawal from trade and not refunding items or gold, etc.).
  17. Misleading others, making trade offers or posting advertisements based on false information, and intentionally abusing others' mistakes, which diverge from the original agreement, for profit.
  18. Running any automated applications on the website or in the game which would disturb/interfere with the correct operation of any services.
  19. Any activity which results in creating unnecessary loads for the game server resources.
  1. Transactions made in The Coin Market cannot be undone. When you exchange Gold or Stormforge Essence, it's final and cannot be reverted in any way.

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