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Why Stormforge?
Our team has worked on private servers for over a decade. We offer stability, safety, experience and dedication unrivalled in the scene.
Can I use my Tauri/Atlantiss accounts to play on Stormforge?
No, you will have to create a new account directly on Stormforge
What will happen to the existing Tauri/Atlantiss realms?
Those realms will continue to operate under their current rules and platforms and will not be a part of Stormforge, at least for the time being.
Will I be able to purchase gear for my characters, e.g. Shadowmourne?
My activation mail hasn’t arrived. What should I do?
You should check your spam folder first, before resending the mail. There is a high chance that you received it there. If you still can’t find it you can resend the verification mail by visiting this link:
Or email us directly at [email protected].
Is multiboxing allowed?
Players are allowed to be logged in on more than one character, depending on realm:
  • Maximum 3 toons on Netherwing (TBC).
  • Maximum 5 toons on Mistblade (MoP).

Multiboxing is allowed without using any kind of key broadcasting software, solely for the purposes of solo content. It is forbidden in every other situation which would require multiple players working together, unless every other player confirms that they’re in knowledge, and accepting of their co-players' intentions. In PvP environments it is forbidden without exceptions.

You can read more about rules on Stormforge realms here:
I have a problem. Where should I look for help?
You can talk to us in game by using the built in support ticket system in the game. You can also join our Discord server and ask for assistance in the #support tab or email us directly at [email protected].
I have found a bug in-game. Where can I report it?
The bugs should be reported to our GitHub BugTracker. If you want to report something, please follow the template provided on GitHub as this makes it easier for us to find the issue.

Bug Tracker: https://github.com/Stormforge-gg/Bugtracker-Mistblade/
Where can I find more information about Stormforge or join the community?
Is this going to be a Hungarian/Polish server?
Absolutely not! Stormforge is an international platform. Our support staff is proficient in English, English language will be enforced on public channels and all Stormforge related platforms, and official news and updates are going to be communicated in English.