Netherwing - Minding the Gap Published 2 weeks ago
After closely observing how a longer Arena Season impacts gear differences between players, we’ve decided to make it easier for people to catch up by discounting and changing some PvP gear requirements. Read more
Mistblade S2 - updates and plans Published 1 month ago
Ahead of us is the final part of the 5.0 content - Terrace of the Endless Spring is now available in normal mode, while the heroic version will open a week later. In connection with this, we have decided to slightly buff the Sha of Fear in 25HC mode - in the second phase, Dread Spawns will appear in increased numbers - instead of 1/2/3/4 adds, they will spawn in a 4/5/6/7 pattern. Other difficulties remain unchanged for now. Read more
Christmas Updates Published 2 months ago
The holiday season is approaching rapidly, along with the next stage of content on Mistblade, and a plethora of attractions and events to celebrate Winter Veil. Check out what you can expect in the coming weeks on Stormforge. Read more
Netherwing Patch 2.3 Announcement Published 2 months ago
We are happy to announce that the 2.3 Content Patch will be released on the Netherwing realm on the 10th of January 2024! Venture into the heart of the Amani tribe capital of and face Zul’jin and the gods of Zul’Aman! Read more
Mistblade Season 2 - Post-Launch Thoughts Published 2 months ago
It's been a few days since the opening of our fresh MoP realm - Mistblade Season 2. It's time for a brief summary and plans for the near future. Read more