Patch 5.3 on Mistblade 2! Published 2 weeks ago
Conflict in Pandaria between the Horde and the Alliance escalates even further! Darkspear's Rebellion against Hellscream’s tyranny leads to liberating Echo Isles and capturing Razor Hill, cutting off roads to Northern Barrens. Vol’jin allied with the Alliance to lay siege to Orgrimmar itself and to challenge Garrosh’s reign. Read more
Netherwing now supports the WotLK Client! Published 2 weeks ago
Our Team spent the last two weeks working day and night on something astonishing. You can now play on Netherwing using a 3.3.5a WotLK client. Yes, you’re reading this right - you can use your WotLK client with your favorite addons to play TBC on Stormforge or you can keep playing on a 2.4.3 client if you prefer. The choice is yours, both clients work! Read more
Mistblade II - A Spring of Changes Published 1 month ago
A warm mist breeze swept through blooming cherry blossom trees bringing live a few changes for a spring season for our new and veteran players on the Mistblade Season 2 realm. Read more
Netherwing Patch 2.4 Announcement Published 2 months ago
The time has come to put an end to the Burning Legion’s Crusade. We are happy to announce that Patch 2.4 “Fury of the Sunwell” will be released on Netherwing on the 17th of April, with Sunwell Plateau raid coming a week later, on the 24th! Read more
The Thunder King is coming! - Mistblade Season 2 Published 3 months ago
We are happy to announce that Patch 5.2 “The Thunder King” will be released on the Mistblade 2 realm on the 27th of March. As the Mogu threat rises, a new Pandaren military is formed. Join them to repel Mogu armies and defeat the Thunder King on the Isle of Thunder. Read more