Expansion Mists of Pandaria
Realm type PvP
Exp rate x3
Patch 5.0 7th of January 2022
Patch 5.1 06.04.2022
Patch 5.2 01.06.2022
Patch 5.3 07.12.2022
Patch 5.4 08.02.2023
Patch 5.4.7 07.06.2023


Why should I choose Mistblade?
Mistblade is a brand new Mists of Pandaria adventure and the first realm of Stormforge - powered by the combined forces of the Tauri and Atlantiss teams. It's the culmination of over a decade of our hard work to provide you with the best experience possible.
What type of realm is it?
PvP. You may kill the opposite faction's members at the first sign of their presence.
What are the experience, profession, reputation, currency, etc. rates?
The experience rates are set to x3 by default. However, you can adjust them for yourself between x1-x3 if you prefer leveling slower. If the x3 rates are not enough for you, there will be additional experience boosts available later in our Store to increase the total rate to up to x6. All other rates (professions, currencies, honor, reputation, etc.) are set to default x1.
Is Crossfaction enabled on Mistblade? What does it include?
Crossfaction is disabled by default. However, there is a possibility we will enable it if needed for instanced PvP and PvE content (or just one of them if necessary).
On what patch is Mistblade running?
The game client and player classes are based on the 5.4.8 patch, including the final version of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The in-game content is progression-based starting from was available during the initial 5.0 patch. You can have a look at our timeline located at the bottom of this page to see what each content patch will contain and roughly when it will be available.
Which game client should I use?
We offer a few different ways to start playing, take a look at the options listed HERE
Can I transfer my characters from other realms or servers?
No, we do not plan any migrations to Mistblade.