Beyond the Mists Published 2 weeks ago
Mistblade launch is now behind us so we’d like to share our thoughts on it! We’re delighted to say Mistblade has peaked at over 5000 players! The numbers surpassed our expectations and we’re very happy that despite so many players, the launch went very smoothly. Read more
Into the Mists Published 2 weeks ago
We have answered the calls of thousands of players hungry for fresh MoP experience and here we are. After months of hard work we finally present you Mistblade - a progressive Mists of Pandaria realm, operating on 5.4.8 game client. Read more
Looking for more... Collaborators Published 3 weeks ago
WANTED: Game Masters & Graphic Designer! Read more
The story begins Published 3 weeks ago
Our teams have been active in the scene for over a decade. We always wanted to deliver the best experience and worked hard for years to make that happen. Today, as we look at the WoW scene in general, we see a lot of chaos and disarray as players are constantly on the move, jumping from server to server looking for a new place to stay. Read more