Netherwing Returns! Published 1 year ago

Demons, creatures of the Void, ghosts of the pasts - Outland is filled with terrors. The Legion returns once more to turn Azeroth into ash and its demonic lords will stop at nothing to have their vengeance. Gather your friends, gear up and face the terrifying Burning Crusade.

The time has come to once again going through the Dark Portal and challenge the overlords of Outland! We are very excited to announce that our first TBC realm under the Stormforge banner will open its gates on March 25th.

Our server will run using the trusted AtlantissCore with some additional fixes and features to provide a quality beyond anything seen before. We are also going back to our roots with the legendary Netherwing realm name, and aim to once again deliver the best The Burning Crusade experience possible. Don't miss out on this opportunity to recapture the magic of Outland and beyond!

Realm type
XP rates
Profession rates
Dual Talent
Faction Shared Auction House
Challenging PvE content tuning
Reduced Spell Learning Costs to account for higher leveling rates
Faction balance perks (more information on that coming soon!)