Netherwing - End of Season 1 Published 1 year ago

Arena Season 1 on Netherwing will end at 10:00 PM (GMT+2) on the 21st of June. This is when a snapshot of arena teams and players ratings will happen too.

Below you can see a list of the current Arena Season rewards:

  • 1st place (2v2/3v3 Tournament): Permanent Gladiator title, Swift Nether Drake (310% mount), Artisan Riding, 75 Stormforge Essence for each player in the team.
  • 2-4th (2v2 Tournamnet), 2-6th (3v3 Tournamnet)*: Gladiator title, Swift Nether Drake (310%), Artisan Riding, 50 Stormforge Essence for each player in the team.
  • Top 3% Arena Teams: Duelist title
  • Top 3-10% Arena Teams: Rival title
  • Top 10-20% Arena Teams: Challenger title

*We reserve the right to change this value based on the amount of teams that will qualify into the tournament.

To qualify for the Tournament and Season rewards, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You need at least 25 games played between 7-21st of June.
  • You must have played 30% of the total games played on that team for the season
  • Your personal rating must be within 150 rating of the team rating.

Between the 21st of June and the start of next season, a so-called off-season will be run. During that time, you can still earn points flush and the price and requirements of current arena gear will be reduced.

At the start of next season, the following PvP resources will be reduced:

  • Arena Points - Players will be able to keep up to 1000 Arena Points.
  • Honor Points - Players will be able to keep up to 12500 Honor Points.
  • Marks of Honor - Players will be able to keep up to 15 Marks of Honor from each Battleground.
  • You will be refunded with an in-game currency for each reduced resource, with a conversion rate that will not impact the general economy of the realm.

Arena Tournament

The Arena Tournament will determine the distribution of the Season 1 Gladiator title. It will be held between the 23rd and the 25th of June 2023.

  • The 2v2 bracket will include the top 16* teams based on their rating at the end of the season.
  • The 3v3 bracket will include the top 8* teams based on their rating at the end of the season.
  • The top 16-24* teams from each bracket will be invited to fill the spot if the top 16 team don't sign up.

* We reserve the right to change the bracket size based on the amount rating breakpoints on the ladder.

The matches will be held on a separate tournament realm that only invited players will have access to. The following character information will be copied: character name, faction, race, appearance, class, racial swap, talents, and spells at the time of the snapshot. The gear provided by vendors on the realm will have 2.1 itemizations and won’t include Tier 5 items. It will not be possible to reset talents or change individual talent points between matches in the ongoing/same bracket.

The tournament will follow a typical knockout format with a loser bracket. Each team will be seeded based on its position in the ranking. Matchups will follow the BO3 format. The semi-final and final matches will be based on the BO5 format. We aim to play all matches up to the semi-final in one day, so please reserve yourself some free time.

All qualified teams will receive a private e-mail to the e-mail addresses that your accounts were registered with. In order to successfully enter the tournament, it is absolutely necessary to follow provided instructions and rules.

In order to qualify for the Seasonal Arena Tournament, you have to meet the additional requirements listed below:

  • Banned players can't enter the tournament
  • Players who were previously punished for fixing games, wintrading, or any other arena-related offenses will not get invited.
  • All team members must be present in the arena team at the end of Season 1 when the snapshot is taken.
  • Players with multiple accounts are restricted to 1 team per arena bracket.

NOTE: If you qualified but you have no one to play with, you are eligible to invite a new player to your team (before the season ends) in order to play with him in the tournament. That means you are eligible to invite 1 new member to either the 2v2 or 3v3 team. Such a player would however receive no rewards (unless the player managed to make 30% of total games played before the season ends with less than a 150 personal rating difference).

Season 2

Arena Season 2 will start at 8:00 PM (GMT+2) on the 28th of June 2023.

New Arena Gear will be available from Krix Pinchwhistle in Area 52. Please note that this time, both the shoulders and weapons require a Personal and Team rating to purchase (2050 for shoulders, 1850 for weapons). And the same time, Season 1 gear pieces (besides weapons) will be available for Honor Points.

The Battlegear sets will be added to the game to help new players get their feet into the battlefield. The pieces can be purchased by becoming honored with the Cenarion Expedition, Honor Hold/Thrallmar, Keepers of Time, Lower City, and the Sha'tar.

Daily Battleground quest will be changed to require 3 won Battlegrounds instead of 5 played.