Netherwing Faction Balance Adjustments Published 11 months ago
Balanced factions are a very important factor in making TBC enjoyable and to make sure we keep healthy numbers we are once again considering a few perks and features for the disadvantaged faction (which tends to be Alliance in this expansion). Here is the list of currently planned additions: Read more
Netherwing Returns! Published 1 year ago
Demons, creatures of the Void, ghosts of the pasts - Outland is filled with terrors. Read more
Let the Siege begin! Published 1 year ago
We're excited to announce that the last phase of content shall arrive on Mistblade in just a week from now, on February the 8th, at 7:00 PM Server Time. Read more
Merry Christmas ! Published 1 year ago
Feast of Winter Veil is in full swing now on Mistblade, spreading holiday cheer around the Azeroth. Read more
Karazhan Transfers & the first Mistblade Tournament Published 1 year ago
Greetings, adventurers of Northrend and Pandaria! We have several exciting announcements for you today! Read more